We welcome passengers, as well as their families and friends, to ship packages using our bus routes.

We will transport any package as long as it fits within the bus and the contents are not unlawful or hazardous to transport. GMG reserves the right to search the contents of any package and/or deny shipment if necessary.

Information that is required to be printed on packages:

  • Name of the recipient

  • Phone number of the recipient

Cost of Packages:


Package Dimensions (In)


Up to 14" in the largest exterior dimension


15" to 28" in the largest exterior dimension


Over 28" in the largest exterior dimension



Note: The package size is always based upon its largest dimension, either height, length, or width.


Bicycle transportation = $20.00 flat fee.

TV transportation = $20.00 flat fee.

Claiming packages

  • To retrieve a package that is shipped, the recipient is required to present a picture ID.

  • Any non-perishable unclaimed packages that are not retrieved upon arrival of the bus at the last destination of the route will be stored at our office for up to 5 days. For each day in storage, a $10.00 fee will be added. The fee will have to be paid in cash when the recipient picks up the package.

  • Unclaimed packages containing perishable content may be disposed on the same night of arrival.